How to move Plasma $PPAY from Ethereum to Polygon and back. Cross-chain bridge

Ethereum PPAY (0x054d64b73d3d8a21af3d764efd76bcaa774f3bb2) <> Polygon PPAY (0x08158a6b5d4018340387d1a302f882e98a8bc5b4)

Moving PPAY between Ethereum and Polygon is possible now via the Matic bridge. Since Polygon is an Ethereum-compatible blockchain, this means that any token or wallet address you have on Ethereum will work on the exact same address on Polygon. So, when moving PPAY, which is an ERC20 token, into Polygon (as an MRC20 token), you only need to use the same address, just switching chains in the Metamask wallet.

This guide shows you how to Move PPAY from Ethereum to Polygon and back using the Matic cross-chain bridge. You can also do this with any other token, moving it from Ethereum to Polygon (and in the opposite direction) in this way.

Connect Metamask Wallet

Step 1. Go to and choose to connect with your MetaMask with the wallet containing the PPAY you would like to transfer on another chain.

Step 2. Select the account you want to connect to, then click โ€œNextโ€.

Step 3. You will be asked to allow the bridge to connect. Select โ€œConnectโ€.

Step 4. Sign the request.

How to move PPAY from Ethereum to Polygon:

Step 1. Find and choose the Plasma $PPAY token on the Polygon Bridge screen.

Step 2. Input the amount of the Plasma you want to bridge over to Polygon.

Step 3. Select โ€œTransferโ€. You may be asked to read some informational disclaimers. Just keep selecting โ€œContinueโ€ until you reach the page to confirm the transfer. Select โ€œContinueโ€.

Step 4. Approve the gas fee from MetaMask. Your transaction is now executed and waiting for confirmation! Your PPAY is en route to Polygon!

Step X. To move Plasma $PPAY from Polygon to Ethereum back, just do the same steps but on the first one choose a Polygon Mainnet in your Metamask and Bridge from Polygon to Ethereum.

Note: Just be aware, instead of ETH for gas fees on Ethereum, you now need MATIC tokens to pay gas on the Polygon network.

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