SpacePort IDO Launchpad
SpacePort is a democratized open IDO platform. It is an IDO launchpad that is different from others, with the mission of making them even fairer, safer, more transparent, and more sustainable.
And how does it do this? By removing the gatekeeper aspects of many IDO launchpads. This is quite ironic if you think about it since many IDO platforms claim to be decentralized and yet have many hoops that projects need to jump through just to launch on them.
And what happens when you remove these gatekeepers? You get open access, independence to customize and opportunities for more transparency.
This is why SpacePort delivers all of these democratizations yet also offers additional levels of IDO participation models. Here, SpacePort will take an active role in IDO development at the request of projects.
The first is SpacePort Incubator, for which we will receive applications to select projects we believe to be unique possessing special potential. We’ll provide assistance every step of the way from pre-launch to the actual IDO event and post-IDO, in terms of marketing and PR, advisory, technical support, security auditing, and community building, among others.
Next, projects who want to get additional assistance from our experienced advisory and marketing network can also opt to go for an IDO with Plasma support. SpacePort will then leverage our global marketing network to assist projects build strong communities running up to their IDO.
At PlasmaFinance, we know how frustrating it can be for investors and retail token buyers still feeling their way in this space, faced with all sorts of launchpads that claim to be decentralizing token sales yet placing barriers for some entrants.
With SpacePort, we hope to improve the way projects raise capital.
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