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The rapid expansion of the blockchain industry results in the daily emergency of multiple new crypto projects. Sooner or later blockchain teams decide to introduce their tokens to their community and wider market through the IDO (Initial DEX offering) procedure.

The first generation of IDOs was done on centralised off-chain platforms and soon proved to be a very puzzling, costly, and time-consuming process for both project teams and IDO investors. The second generation of launchpads took IDOs on-chain but kept many issues unresolved.

Enter SpacePort!

We call SpacePort a democratized launchpad with the mission of making IDOs on-chain even fairer, safer, more transparent, and sustainable. We support multiple blockchains, so both teams and IDO investors can enjoy a variety of projects without any chain limitations.

The key to our mission success is removing the gatekeeper aspects of many modern launchpads whether centralized or decentralized.

First of all, SpacePort is multi-chain (Ethereum, Polygon, BSC) and offers the opportunity to raise funds and participate in IDOs as an investor using multiple tokens: ETH, wBTC, USDT, USDC, DAI or PPAY.

For users, SpacePort offers easy access to IDOs of cool projects with almost zero barriers to entry – we do not require you to be a tech genius or hold a certain amount of PPAY tokens to participate. User funds are also protected from any risks of loss and risks associated with middlemen services.

You simply need to get your funds ready and enter the interesting IDO at the time of launch, all the rest will be done in the process of a live queue on-chain. Although, we wanted to encourage our community of PPAY holders. Holding a minimum of 20 000 xPPAY for the Ethereum network or 10 000 PPAY for BSC and Polygon networks will give you a unique opportunity to access IDOs ahead of the crowd in the first 15 minutes from the start.

We are also working on other IDO-related perks for PPAY holders.

For teams, launching on SpacePort is a no-brainer because we offer an ultimate launchpad solution that is accessible, free and easy to use, customizable for the needs of your project and friendly for your IDO investors. As an added benefit your token will be listed across all Plasma Finance products immediately after the IDO. What it means is that your token will be available for our community of 50K + product users and a huge social media community to monitor, trade and stake.

We offer 2 options for launching your project tokens on SpacePort: fully decentralized DIY and through SpacePort accelerator.

Let’s go into detail about both.

With the first option all you need is to follow the steps here:

  1. Create your IDO based on the IDO Contract Factory with a range of requirements offered by the platform, such as IDO token price, timeline, vesting schedule for whitelisted private investors, pool percentage, etc. SpacePort IDOs can raise any sum from X to $10M

  2. Create a dedicated page for your token on the Plasma Finance platform with full tokenomics and project information via a GitHub merge request

  3. Launch your IDO event, sit back and watch your token available on HyperDEX, investor and LP tokens flowing to vesting contracts.

Self-made IDOs sound great in theory, however, in reality, many blockchain projects and their communities value IDOs as one of the major events in the life of the project. Hence, they want to do IDOs with a bang and require a more tailored approach. The Plasma Finance team has amassed a great wealth of knowledge across various disciplines in crypto. We have experts and connections in every sphere of the life of the new project from the tech side to business & marketing growth. After many requests, we thought it is time to put all of these to use for the greater good of our community and the development of the blockchain industry.

Here comes the second way to do IDOs on spaceport – through SpacePort Incubator.

We understand how difficult it is for the new project to enter and navigate the blockchain space. There is a huge need for directions and a strong support network that can help to perfect the token/product offering, set up the best business strategy, raise awareness of the project and build a great community around it.

SpacePort Incubator is the full-package model that includes support with tokenomics, tech audit, strategy & marketing.

We are happy to discuss the post-IDO support at the request of the project, too. Read more on the SpacePort website.


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