Token Page


The Token Page contains the major description of each asset on Plasma.Finance. It aggregates the most important information and tools for DeFi users, represented as tabs within the Token page. The default tool is Trade, which is where you can directly swap for the token from aggregated liquidity sources using HyperDEX. Refer to the next section on HyperDEX Swap for more information.

The following tab PlasmaSwap will take you to our own native DEX, PlasmaSwap AMM, where you can trade directly for the token. Refer to the section on PlasmaSwap AMM for more information.

The DeFi tab is a shortcut to staking (or Savings) opportunities for the token on the selected DEX. From here you can directly contribute token liquidity to stakings. Refer to the section on Savings for more information.

The Analytics tab gives you an entire range of real-time data and information from on-chain decentralized sources, allowing you to analyze the token based on different market metrics, such as:

  • Percentage of token holders in profit/loss situations;

  • Concentration of large holders;

  • Price correlation to Bitcoin;

  • Transaction demographics;

  • Total Exchange inflow and outflow; and much more.

Selecting the Social tab will pull up the latest postings on known official social media accounts of the token project, such as Twitter.

Finally, the Your Portfolio tab will show you your portfolio view with current token. Refer to the section on DeFi portfolio management for more information.

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