HyperDEX Swap
Individual DEX-hopping to manually hunt for better prices and liquidity will be a thing of the past thanks to Plasma.Finance HyperDEX swap.
Experience the power of full multi-chain capabilities with our HyperDEX liquidity aggregator, which supports and aggregates liquidity from over 40+ DEXs on Ethereum, Polygon and BSC.
This infinity DEX aggregator pulls and aggregates all liquidity sources and provides users the best rates possible at minimum slippage – and, in some cases, no slippage at all. In short, removing all liquidity hurdles for DeFi swaps that result in the best prices, lowest fees, while removing price impact.
  • A single point of swap, no need to switch permissions and wallets between different DEXs or aggregators.
  • A single search interface will tell you the liquidity available. You can change select the liquidity sources you don’t want.
  • Immediate real time best prices and rates on trading or swaps, with actual rate comparisons to indicate how much more the HyperDEX swap gets you when compared to other DEXs.
  • Save on gas fees with HyperDEX transaction optimization, which uses a unique swap routing transaction. It will be more efficient to use Uniswap liquidity source via HyperDEX, costing less gas than swapping directly on Uniswap itself.
  • Minimum or no slippage. What you see is what you get.
  • Because swap transactions are routed across different AMM protocols, using HyperDEX protects traders from front-running bots common on other DEXs.
  • HyperDEX will be familiar to institutional or professional crypto and DeFi traders as well, since it uses Trading View for professional charting capabilities.
Last modified 1mo ago
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