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Trading on one DEX is very limiting. You are usually bound to one blockchain, along with transaction speed and costs associated with it. Token prices that you see are also unique for this platform. Trading some tokens here, some tokens there we thought…hey, why not aggregate all decentralized exchanges into one cool platform?

Meet HyperDEX! While HyperDEX provides swap functionality it’s a totally different beast. Hint: way more powerful than your average DEX.

HyperDEX is a liquidity aggregator and an infinity DEX with a Limit Order function that supports over 50 decentralized exchanges built on 6 major blockchains; Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom & Celo. It’s with over $100 bln in liquidity aggregated on one HyperDEX platform.

HyperDEX is completely decentralized and uses on-chain data to get users the best real-time asset price and liquidity automatically on the platform. You can just swap tokens knowing that you have the most profitable deal without the need to compare asset prices on different DEXes manually. We will also show you how much more value you get from each transaction on HyperDEX compared to trading on other DEXes, so you know we are as transparent as we can be.

HyperDEX also takes care of gas and slippage. The platform will optimize the process via unique swap routing transactions, so you receive the lowest fees possible. Using Uniswap liquidity source via HyperDEX will cost you less gas than swapping directly on Uniswap itself.

Price slippage on HyperDEX is close to zero. You get the price you see. Front-running bots common to other DEXs are driven to a minimum on the platform because swap transactions are routed across different AMM protocols.

The opportunity to place Buy/Sell Limit Orders makes HyperDEX compatible with the functionality of CEXes, however, we decentralize Limit Orders. It works in the following way: the user creates the signature for the transaction and sends it to the open pool of transactions on our API; market-making bots find this transaction and fill the Order when required conditions are met. As the result, the user can create a Limit Order at zero cost directly on the HyperDEX.

One of the main issues of an average DEX for traders is analytics or lack of it and clunky interfaces. We took care of this issue by showing token price performance on a professional chart powered by TradingView. HyperDEX’s UI is sleek and easy to navigate whether you are a newbie, a Pro in trading or even an institutional trader.

Simply connect your wallets and start enjoying trades with the lowest prices, minimal gas fees and no price slippage. No need to switch permissions and wallets between different DEXes or aggregators. You focus on making the right trading & investment decisions, we take care of all the rest.

The major benefits of HyperDEX:

  • A single point of the swap, no need to switch permissions and wallets between different DEXs or aggregators.

  • A single search interface will tell you the liquidity available. You can change and select the liquidity sources you don’t want.

  • Immediate real-time best prices and rates on trading or swaps, with actual rate comparisons to indicate how much more the HyperDEX swap gets you when compared to other DEXs.

  • Save on gas fees with HyperDEX transaction optimization, which uses a unique swap routing transaction. It will be more efficient to use Uniswap liquidity source via HyperDEX, costing less gas than swapping directly on Uniswap itself.

  • Minimum or no slippage. What you see is what you get.

  • Because swap transactions are routed across different AMM protocols, using HyperDEX protects traders from front-running bots common on other DEXs.

  • HyperDEX will be familiar to institutional or professional crypto and DeFi traders as well, since it uses Trading View for professional charting capabilities.

No liquidity hurdles. No price impact. Only Best prices. Data accuracy. Convenience. Transparency. Real Value.

Trade on HyperDEX > https://apy.plasma.finance/#/hyper-dex/market

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