How to get a MATIC token to sign cheap transactions on Polygon

You have to have the Matic token on Polygon Chain to sign any transaction and pay a gas fee (GWEI).

Matic (MATIC) is the native asset of the Polygon chain using the MRC20 protocol. You can find all the token details at this address β€œ0x0000000000000000000000000000000000001010” by looking it up on their official explorer at:

Because Polygon is an Ethereum-compatible blockchain, this means that any token or wallet address you have on Ethereum is also interchangeable with Polygon. You can use the exact same wallet address to interact between your regular ERC20 tokens on Ethereum and with Polygon using the Matic bridge.

This guide shows you how to Swap MATIC from any Ethereum-based DEX like PlasmaSwap using the Matic bridge. You can also do this with any other token, moving it from Ethereum to Polygon in this way.

Step 0. First of all you need to get a Matic token on your Ethereum wallet. Please go to Plasma.Finance Matic Token page, connect your wallet (Ethereum Mainnet chain) and swap any token to Matic.

Step 1: Go to and choose to connect with your MetaMask with the wallet containing the MATIC Token you would like to migrate from Ethereum to Polygon Chain.

Step 2: Choose the MATIC token from dropdown menu, put the amount you want to migrate on Polygon layer and click β€œTransfer”, than sign transaction with your Metamask wallet. This will send MATIC token from your Ethereum wallet to your Polygon wallet (which has the exact same address).

Please note that you may see several informational popups or disclaimers. Keep clicking β€œContinue” until you reach the page to confirm the transfer. Select β€œContinue”.

Step 3: Approve the gas fee from MetaMask. Your transaction is now executed and waiting for confirmation! Your Matic is on its way from Ethereum to Polygon! This can take several (7-10) minutes, and you can always check your transaction on by entering either your wallet address or tx ID. It should tell you if it’s Pending or Confirmed.

After you see the Matic token on your wallet in Polygon Mainnet, than you can sign any on-chain transaction, using your Matic token to pay for Gas Fee.

Notes: If you'd like to move any asset back to Ethereum Mainnet, you can do the same steps but choose the Polygon Mainnet Network on the Bridge page.

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