How to stake PPAY

Stake PPAY and get a share of 0.02% from PlasmaSwap and PlasmaFinance platform volume as a PPAY token holder. When you stake PPAY, you will receive xPPAY tokens that represent your share of the total staked PPAY. You can also trade PPAY/xPPAY on PlasmaSwap.

Important: You can stake PPAY for a minimum of 24 hours. Your PPAY stake will only be available for unstaking after this 24-hour minimum period.

  1. To stake PPAY, connect your wallet to PlasmaFinance and visit the Savings page.

2. Select "PPAY" and Click "Make a Deposit".

3. Enter the amount of PPAY you want to stake and click "Approve". 4. Sign the Approve action with your wallet. 5. Click the Deposit button. 6. Sign the Deposit action with your wallet. πŸ‘ Success! You have staked PPAY and will now receive the equivalent in xPPAY on your wallet.

To unstake PPAY, return to this screen after at least 24 hours. Click the Unstake button, and sign to approve the transaction.

Note: If the transaction was unsuccessful, please check your Ethereum balance to ensure there is enough Ether to pay gas fees. Also check the gas fee (GWEI) in your wallet and in Etherscan’s Gas Tracker ( Set up your gas fee in GWEI to be the same as or higher than the highest value indicated by Gas Tracker. If you still have problems completing the transaction, please contact our support team in chat on Plasma.Finance.

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