Wallet Management

πŸ”— https://apy.plasma.finance/#/manage-wallets

One of the most visible improvements of Plasma.Finance as an all-in-one DeFi platform is the ability for users to unite all their different DeFi wallets under one central management system.

Unlike most other DeFi platforms, Plasma.Finance’s wallet management allows users to connect multiple wallets, thereby giving you instant access to all the separate crypto wallets that may be used across different platforms and networks.

This means users no longer need to choose between using platforms and no longer need to open a new wallet just to use a different service. This suits users who like using separate wallets for separate DEXs but gives them an easy way to monitor profits on different DEXs individually. It also opens up the option to manage different β€œaccounts” to experiment with different yield strategies.

With the Plasma.Finance dashboard, there is no need to disconnect from one platform to another just to track token balances and conduct your swaps from different wallets, as you can connect to multiple wallets and view them all in the same dashboard to compare profits and performance between wallets and strategies while gaining a bird’s eye view of the entire DeFi portfolio.


From the same wallet dashboard, users can also add other external wallets to monitor via the Watchlist, which will update token balances in real time, allowing for constant monitoring of particular tokens.

Both My Wallet and Watchlist wallets can always be customized by adding any existing token list or asset from PlasmaFinance to reflect them in portfolios. Plasma.Finance has over 1000 traded tokens and more than 10 prebuilt lists of tokens, each with analytics and real-time market data to make it easier for DeFi considerations.

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