How to migrate liquidity (LP tokens) to PlasmaSwap from SushiSwap and Uniswap with Rebalancer Tool

Suppose that you are providing liquidity in the ETH/USDT pair on Uniswap but you identify a better APY on the same ETH/USDT pair on PlasmaSwap.

Thanks to our Rebalancer tool, you can now migrate your LP tokens from one protocol like Uniswap or SushiSwap to another protocol, like to our PlasmaSwap pools -- in a single transaction.

  1. To migrate your LPs, please open the "Liquidity Management" page (

  2. Choose your current LP Swap and pair

3. Enter the amount of LP you want to migrate to the new pool. Make sure that this new pool does exist in PlasmaSwap (if not, just provide initial liquidity to create a pool there first). 4. Approve the contract and sign a migration transaction!

Note: If the transaction was unsuccessful, please check your Ethereum balance to ensure there is enough Ether to pay gas fees. Also, check the gas fee (GWEI) in your wallet and in Etherscan’s Gas Tracker ( Set up your gas fee in GWEI to be the same as or higher than the highest value indicated by Gas Tracker.

Note: If changing your gas price does not help with transaction signing, increase your slippage tolerance % and transaction deadline timing in Rebalancer Settings. If you still have problems completing the transaction, please contact our support team in chat on Plasma.Finance.

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