0xPlasma Labs Roadmap

DeFi & NFT Metaverse

The current world of Web3 consists of a massive number of applications, blockchains, protocols, and assets. In addition, thousands of technical user interfaces and factionalized liquidity on decentralized exchanges complicate the development and adoption of the entire crypto market.

The Plasma Team aims to build a universal platform to unite the most robust market protocols and easy access to any services and assets on all EVM and Non-EVM blockchains.

The one-stop-shop Plasma.Finance platform will simplify the DeFi and NFT market and help to attract 1 billion users to the world of decentralized finance. The current roadmap includes the development of all its products for DeFi and NFT. Each user and owner of the PPAY governance token can influence the development roadmap via proposals and discussions in our forum.

Together, we will build a decentralized, safe, and censorship-resistant financial world.

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