Governance Venues

The primary purpose of the Plasma DAO is to bring 1 billion users into Plasma Finance DeFi protocols.
Several governance venues are available to Plasma governance, each serving its own particular purpose.

Management Portal

The official management portal can be accessed directly through Plasma.Finance dApp interface. Votes are delegated and submitted through the portal.
The Plasma Finance Governance portal will aggregate all the DeFi protocols' governance contracts. It means that you will be able to participate in any other tokens' on-chain governance process.
UI Concept of Governance Dashboard

Governance Forum is a forum for discussing governance proposals, products, and general conversation. Community members need to connect a wallet with a PPAY balance to participate in the forum and create threads.
Plasma Finance Governance Forum


Snapshot is a simple off-chain voting interface that allows users to signal their sentiment. Snapshot votes are weighted by the number of PPAY tokens (or xPPAY) delegated to the address used for voting. Plasma Shapsot account combines different modules for multi-chain voting.
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0xPlasma Snapshot

Discord Community Chat

We hold the daily community conversations, AMA sessions, and governance call on our Discord Chat.
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Plasma Finance Discord Chat