Savings and Strategies


The Savings aggregator is one of the key features of Plasma Finance. With the growth of the DeFi sector, users realized that trading is not the only option to earn in crypto. Your tokens can work for you while you are HODLing and give you passive income in the form of APY %. As there are many options currently available on the market, we at Plasma Finance decided to make your staking journey easier by aggregating the majority of them on our Savings platform. It automatically searches for the best APY on a wide range of crypto assets across multiple platforms giving you the opportunity to maximize your passive income on chosen tokens in one click, without the need to manually compare options.

Currently, users can see the analytics for our native token, PPAY, and other tokens across multiple blockchains and use the platform for smoothly depositing tokens into the best staking contracts.

One of the unique features of Plasma Finance Savings is the option to access any deposit with high APY using any token of your choice. For example, you can use ETH or PPAY for deposits into USDT contracts, the platform will automatically perform the needed conversion for you.

As we aim to bring DeFi even to the least tech-friendly audience we are constantly working on improving the search and analytics aspects of the product.

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