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Plasma Team Vision

What’s in the name? Plasma is an essential part of every object on the planet, everything that surrounds us contains plasma. Our project name is closely tied with our mission and vision of the future of Web3 and DeFi and our role in it!
At Plasma, we see the future in decentralizing the financial system and making it accessible for everyone without any dependence on geographical location, demographic factors, socio-economic status or technology knowledge. We believe that each person must enjoy finance that respects privacy, has no boundaries, no entry barriers and no hacking risks.
How we are planning to accomplish this task? By using the best of blockchain and technology worlds and creating truly global and user-friendly decentralized products for both crypto natives and crypto newbies.
Plasma Team went on the market in 2017 before the first DeFi boom. Gradually, we started noticing that while the industry is growing and new protocols are appearing on the market every day, users get frustrated. While ‘bringing DeFi to the masses’ is the ultimate goal of every project, the majority of protocols are still focused on tech and crypto native audiences, leaving average users puzzled with a clunky interface, heavy lingo and limited onboarding materials. Users want to trade, stake, monitor their assets and do other operations, but often they have to switch between different platforms to do that.
Enter Plasma.Finance – the ultimate DeFi solution to save your time, money, and effort in everything from trading to monitoring your portfolio.