How to Connect Your Wallet to Plasma.Finance

Plasma.Finance works with any Web 3.0 wallet, including MetaMask, PlasmaPay, WalletConnect, TrustWallet, Coinbase Wallet and This walkthrough uses the MetaMask Ethereum wallet, which is a free, open-source Web3.0 wallet popular with Ethereum users.

  1. Launch the Plasma.Finance app at

2. Click on โ€œConnect Walletโ€ at the top right of your screen. A pop-in window should appear.

3. Check the โ€œI accept Terms of Use, Cookies Policy and Privacy Policyโ€ box if you accept these terms. Then, select the wallet you want to connect. If you donโ€™t have one, you can create a PlasmaPay or MetaMask one from this step. For purposes of this walkthrough, we will continue by selecting the MetaMask wallet.

4. If you have not unlocked your MetaMask, you will be asked to do so. Once unlocked, you should see the following screen. Select the account you want to use to connect to Plasma.Finance by ticking the checkbox next to it. In this example, we created a new account and named it โ€œPlasmaโ€.

Click Next.

5. At this screen, click Connect.

6. When you see Plasma.Finance dashboard and your ETH address at the top right corner, youโ€™re connected to Plasma.Finance. Happy yield farming!

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