Limit Orders on HyperDEX

HyperDEX — an infinity DEX that lets you swap any DeFi token across Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) at the best rates, lowest fees, from one place now allows on-chain Limit Orders.

Limit Orders on HyperDEX will work with a major improvement from the previous Limit Order capability we introduced on our native DEX PlasmaSwap. On PlasmaSwap, your assets for swapping are locked onto a smart contract for the Limit Order, holding them in there until they are executed in the future once the determined market conditions are met.

On HyperDEX, Limit Orders merely create a digital signature that indicates to the platform to swap your funds once desired market conditions are met. Your assets are not moved out from your wallet and are fully liquid, as secure as ever inside your wallet, free for you to use at any time for other transactions.

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