Plasma Gas Station
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One of the most desired use cases in DeFi, even according to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, is to allow Ethereum users to use ERC20 tokens to pay transaction fees, instead of the current method where only Ether (ETH) can be used to pay gas fees.
This is the one innovation that has not been implemented well yet and PlasmaFinance is working to build what we call Plasma Gas Station to do just that. This solves the dilemma of DeFi users who, for some reason, will find that their ETH reserves aren’t enough to complete all your transactions because of high fees: wait for fees to come down, or go and buy some more ETH. Either way, they lose time or you lose money.
PlasmaSwap’s upcoming Gas Station will be a simple yet elegant solution unique to any DEX or AMM in DeFi, allowing you to pay for transactions without needing ETH. Gas Station will accept the most commonly used stablecoins USDT, USDC or our native token PPAY,s o you can use those balances in your wallet if you run out of or don’t have any ETH left. In fact, the full implementation will see users able to use any ERC20 token that onboards with HyperDEX, giving those project’s token holders additional utility for their ERC20 tokens.
That’ll save users time, money and the need to maintain ETH levels just for fees. Hence, we see this as part of PlasmaFinance’s revolutionary product for the market. It’s a technologically robust feature that is being developed in parallel with other protocols that we deploy.
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