Plasma Gas Station

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Plasma Gas Station is a unique protocol that has no analogies on the market at the time.

Gas Station will allow Plasma Finance users to pay for gas fees using any ERC-20 token instead of ETH or other chains’ native tokens.

Users no longer need to keep native tokens (ETH, Matic, BNB) in their wallets to pay transaction fees on the chosen network. Instead, users can trade on the HyperDEX interface, make on-chain transactions in the wallet, completely forgetting about gas. This will give new users a complete CEX-like experience, but in the decentralized environment on the blockchain.

The mechanics of the Gas Station is as follows: the user gives permission to use his token for transfer to our on-chain relayer to pay gas fees; when creating a transaction, the user sends the signed transaction to the relayer, that signs it and sends it to the network, paying for gas automatically, while simultaneously taking the token from the user, converting it into ETH via DEX and earning commissions for PPAY holders.

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