DeFi/NFT Portfolio Management


Plasma.Finance introduces a simple way to manage and interact with your entire DeFi and token portfolio of different wallets in one place.

The platform supports the major chains and protocols: Ethereum Polygon (Matic) Binance Smart Chain (BSC) xDai Fantom OKEX Chain (OEC) Huobi Chain (HECO) Avalanche Arbitrum Optimism Celo Moonriver Chain (Cronos) Boba Chain

The Asset Tab of Portfolio shows you the actual price from decentralized sources, your balance and the total value of each asset.

The Saving Tab shows your deposits and staking balances from the Saving page, alongside the real-time performance and APY of these products.

The Protocol Tab (or Liquidity Pools) shows the liquidity that you have provided in different DeFi protocols and its current APY.

The Buy button opens the Fiat on-ramp service where you can buy the corresponding token directly with credit card or bank wire.

The Trade button opens up the Token Page with a trading terminal using the HyperDEX aggregator. This allows you to trade this token using aggregated DEX liquidity from all major DEXs.

You can also Blacklist any token you don’t want to be displayed and they will be hidden from view, and not included in your total balance. If you want to add a token to your MetaMask wallet, click on the β€œAdd to Metamask” button and approve this token in MetaMask.

You can provide your liquidity for this token to PlasmaSwap AMM and earn rewards from that.

With Plasma.Finance, you can transfer tokens directly from our interface to another wallet or ENS address, only using MetaMask to confirm the transaction and gas fees.

Plasma.Finance Portfolio Management supports all the major chains, so you will get the most accurate and most detailed information about your assets on the blockchain. If you don't use some of the chains you can simply switch them off in the settings of the Portfolio Page.

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