About HyperDEX Widget

Trade any tokens on HyperDEX aggregator without leaving your app or website and get referral fees.

With the HyperDEX swap widget, your users can trade any tokens on the HyperDEX aggregator and check their wallet portfolio without leaving your app or website!

HyperDEX is a DEX aggregator with access to $100B of liquidity on 6 chains.

Live version of HyperDEX Widget:

Example use cases for HyperDEX Widget:

  • Swapping assets in the DeFi application on multiple chains

  • Bridge assets between EVM-chains

  • Check the portfolio and balances of the wallet

Major benefits of HyperDEX Widget:

  • No-code integration and setup (build-in RPC and Wallet Connect)

  • Integrated fee-sharing feature (share swap fees with a referral wallet of website or app)

  • Global token list (more than 10,000 assets)

  • Multi-chain support: Ethereum, Polygon, BNB chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Celo

  • Aggregated liquidity from 70+ DEXes on 6 chains

  • Supporting any size of trade: from 1$ to $500M

  • Widget customization (referral wallet, color scheme, assets, chains)

  • Customizing the Default Input and Output Tokens

  • Multi-chain Portfolio Manager

  • Suppor of the major wallet providers (Metamask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase, Wallet Connect)

  • Responsive Widget Design

  • Secure integration

  • More features on request

HyperDEX Widget UI

Swap Section

Swap Any token on the DEX aggregator HyperDEX

Bridge Section (by request)

Transfer your tokens between chains using s bridge aggregator

Portfolio Section

Check your portfolio and asset value on multiple chains

Interesting? Here is the setup guide for the widget >

Have questions? Contact us: hi@plasma.finance

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